Resume Summary

My biggest objective is to try and have fun in my work, which includes being able to use my expertise to solve the many business problems I may face.

As a self taught and driven web developer am continually motivated by how the industry is so dynamic, always keeping you on the toes learning new ways of solving problems – it’s what drives my passion because I hate routines (they motivate complacency and ruining a developer's creativity) at least for the long run.

Most times, day or night, I would either be developing a web application or website, writing a plug-in , learning new technology or blocked because I can’t seem to intuitively solve a business problem using programming.

I pride myself in solving problems using the most efficient ways, that are industry standard, writing well documented code and leaving options and hooks for future feature additions.

Regarding Open Source Web Technologies Standards I know a big share of the tools, design patterns and best practices in the market that are needed by serious people and business to thrive in this volatile web environment.



Web Development is my Strong Suit and I have above normal proficiency with the following Sub Categories that exist within this domain.


  • Mark Up languages : HTML, XML, Mark Up Validation Technologies (Relax NG, DTD, XML Schema (W3C))
  • Presentation Languages : Cascading Style Sheets(CSS) and XSLT (for XML Transformations)
  • Client Side Development and Frameworks : JavaScript OOP and Procedural, Progressively enhanced JavaScript, jQuery, Yahoo and User Interface (Utilities, Plug-ins, Classes and Widgets) and Alloy User Interface(Utilities, Plug-ins, Classes and Widgets), Extjs 3.2 and Dojo Toolkit (Expertise).
  • Server Side Development , Frameworks and platform : Strong Usage of Raw PHP, and its Frameworks (CodeIgniter, Zend) Open-biz (Metadata Driven Rapid Development Framework) Cubi is an Application development program built on top of Open-biz framework.Lithium,Yii,Java and Python.
  • Database Administration and Usage : PostgresSQL 9.1,Postgis 1.5, MySQL 5.5++,MySQL Workbench, PHPMyAdmin,pgAdminIII
  • Content Management Systems : Drupal – PHP Powered Enterprise Grade Content Management System Can use it above average (Module, Theme and plug-in Development)
  • Other Auxiliary Web Technology: Above average usage of CPANEL Hosting Software and FTP clients
  • Version Control Systems – Conversant with Git, Bitbucket(Git-Based)
  • Source Package Building Frameworks (Phing for PHP projects,YUIDOC for javascript documentation, and Dojo API builder on Nodejs)
  • Testing Frameworks (PHPUnit 3.5)
  • Currently Studying Python.

Arnold Astrill Chitwa


Chitwa Arnold Astrill
Web Developer
Based in Nairobi,Kenya
Fluent Languages :