About Me

My name is Astrill Arnold Chitwa, am a Kenyan Software Developer Based in Nairobi,Kenya. On a Good day you will find me Praising God,developing software,catching up with friends and family and listening to classical music.

The biggest reason for me building this blog is that, i needed to share my solutions and the knowledge/experience/wisdom that comes with all the ups and downs of my developer life with the world.


Welcome to my blog site,

hope you learn something or at the very least get inspired.

“Don’t only practice your art, but force your way into its secrets, for it and knowledge can raise men to the divine.”

― Ludwig van Beethoven ( My Role Model)

My Stack

I prefer working with opensource technology mostly because of the support from the community,followed by their flexible licences. Above all from where i come from which is "Planet Earth", opensource if not FOSS - Free and Open Source Software seems to be the way of the future for the majority of developers today. Here is My Stack


No arguments on this just one family of Operating systems to Rule them all. An a Unix Users, mostly using Ubuntu Linux,SUSE,Mint and CentOS for Enterprise Solutions. Not that i dislike the rest, just that most of the tools for me as a developer are easily found and better in unix.


Am a relational database believer so i have heard good things about other alternatives but am still a laggard in this area so here is the list

  1. PostgresSQL  = 90% of the time for App Development
  2. MySQL = 90% of the time on website projects
  3. MariaDb = whenever the project allows

But my favourite to work with Postgres



This is my favourite position to play, i love webdevelopment because it has a monster opportunity for me to become a better developer everyday. here is what i use mostly, as a scholar of life am always learning and sharing new knowledge,for what i know today will always be lesser than what i may be knowing in the future.

 I use PHP,Python,Java,Javascript as the mail languages of my choice, when it comes to the frameworks

  1. PHP
    • Yii
    • Lithium
    • Codeigniter
    • WordPress
    • Drupal
    • Openbiz Cubi
    • ExtYii
  2. Python
    • Django
    • for Webservices and websockets
  3. Java
    • for Webservices and websockets
  4. Javascript - Favourite Language to Write 
    • AngularJs
    • Dojo
    • jQuery
    • YUI(Yahoo User Interface Library) & AUI - Alloy User Interface
    • Extjs


Lay down in your way catnip stuck in a tree, sunbathe kittens.

  1. Java + Android
  2. Python using Kivy

Desktop + Others

  1. Java esp using Swing and more
  2. JavaCard / J2ME
  3. Python - Tkinter and Kivy

I find myself leaning towards 3 major languages when it comes to this part of the time

  1. C
  2. Java
  3. Python


And the learning continues